IULTCS EuroCongress scientific program finalised

Published:  29 July, 2022

The scientific program for the upcoming III IULTCS EuroCongress has been finalised and participants can register to attend.

The closing date for registrations is September 5, 2022, and attendees can find more details and registration information on the event website.

The event will take place from September 18-20, with the scientific content on the 19th and 20th. The scientific program is as follows:


September 19


  • Synthesis, characterization, and functionalization of renewable vegetable oil modified with maleic anhydride – Bresolin B.M. (SSIP)
  • Influence of tanning technologies on leather shrinkage – Schröpfer M. (FILK Freiberg Institute)
  • Bisphenols, a threat for the leather industry? Strategy for a successful reduction of bisphenols in leather – Ammenn J. (Stahl)
  • Oxidative reductive liming – Vantin L. (Chimica Vemar)


  • Invited guest speech – Ivan Kral (UNIDO)
  • Environmental sustainability developments of the leather industry – Scholz W. (W2O Environment)
  • New oil tanning process – Cepparrone A. (FGL International)
  • Sponsor speech – Erretre/Fratelli Carlessi
  • Tanning industrial revolution – Simoni L. (Barnini)
  • Biodegradability and compostability of tannery articles and products – Franceschi M. (ARCHA)


  • Development of a tanning technology with tanning agents from ligustrum vulgare – Mondschein A. (FILK Freiberg Institute)
  • Ecological tanning based on modified carbohydrates – Paganin M. (Corichem)
  • Sponsor speech – Revomec
  • The revaluation of solid waste from the GOAST tanning – Signoretto M. (Università di Venezia)
  • From tanneries solid waste to catalysis – Petricci E. (Università di Siena)


  • Invited guest speech – Daniele Gardini (Poltrona Frau)
  • Method of analysis of PFAS in leather and leather products. the new standards, the new regulations – Cannot J. (CTC Groupe)
  • Sustainable acrylic resin for leather retanning – Ballus O. (Cromogenia Units)
  • Sponsor speech – GSC Group
  • Leather and alternative materials: A novel method for biobased carbon quantification by SCAR (saturated-absorption cavity ring-down spectroscopy) technique. – Defeo G. (Ars Tinctoria)
  • Auxetics (or negative necking) in frame-tensioned leathers – Galiotto G. (Fratelli Carlessi at Erretre)

September 20


  • Unorthodox fast analysis of bisphenol s and f in phenolic syntans – Iannarelli L. (ICAI)
  • GSC Group perspective towards implementation of biobased chemicals for a greener leather technology – Pasquale R. (GSC Group)
  • New supramolecular eco-friendly syntans for a more sustainable and ethic tanning process – Quaratesi I. (Università di Salerno)
  • Sponsor speech – Stahl
  • Bio-circular tanning system for the production of 100% recyclable leather sneakers – Poles E. (Silvateam)
  • Biodegradable leather: sodium alginate derivatives as re-tanning agents – Badea E. (University of Craiova)


  • Invited guest speech – Speaker from a leather goods and shoes manufacturer will be revealed soon
  • Tanning biotechnologies for novel sustainable and circular materials – Florio C. (SSIP)
  • VDA 277: Sample handling – Influence of environment conditions of storage from the early stages after finishing process to the sampling for VOC determination. – Frighetto L. (Conceria Pasubio)
  • New method to analyse certain bisphenol in leathers – Lio K. (CTC Groupe)
  • Retanning chemicals made out of tannery by-products – Rabe V. (TFL Ledertechnik)
  • Closed-cycle thermal treatment of tanning sludge to enhance energy value – Vangelista A. (Officine di Cartigliano)


  • IULTCS Commission reports and EuroCongress closing