New book on Gloves and Glove-Making

United Kingdom
Published:  20 May, 2016

ILM columnist and leather industry commentator Mike Redwood has recently written and published a new book titled: “Gloves and Glove-Making” with all Royalties of the book going to the Glovers’ Guild.

The 64-page book covers the whole history of the gloving industry from workday marigolds to custom-made hand wear for Royalty. Gloves perform many functions and are used in a wide variety of formal, fashion and industrial applications, which Redwood covers in the book tracing back the history and origins of the industry.

The book covers a number of developments of gloves over the centuries up to the modern day, with a focus on materials and manufacture, including the extensive use of leather in gloving.

Mike Redwood is a Liveryman of the Glovers’ Guild and has worked for thirty years in the glove industry as a tanner and glove designer.

The book is published by Shire Library ( and is priced at UK £7.99, US$14.0 or CAN $17.0. ISBN 978-0-74781-453-5.