IULTCS on Facebook

Published:  02 September, 2014

Online social media facilitates global discussions. These forums allow rapid sharing of information – especially on mobile platforms – and are increasingly where today’s opinions on key topics are formed. Therefore, the IULTCS (International Union of Leather Technologists and Chemists Societies) has decided to open a Facebook page.

The speed of interchange of ideas and the democratic nature of such communications are changing the way people interact and decisions are made. Led by Dr. Patricia Casey - President of the IULTCS – the IULTCS now has a Facebook page which can be accessed via www.iultcs.org or directly on Facebook by searching for IULTCS.  Visit the IULTCS online, bookmark the page and “like” it. It is hoped that leather technologists will be brought up to date on activities from where the IULTCS is involved and the sharing of knowledge and concerns of a technical nature are encouraged.